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W3 ERP - Functionalities
W3 ERP environment is multilingual : English French Italian, for the user interface, but also for the documents sent to third parties. W3 ERP adapts automatically the used language depending on the context (user, customer, supplier).

W3 ERP wholly manages multicurrency operations. It can for instance, for a single item, perfectly manage the offer, the sales order, the invoice, and the payment in 4 different currencies, at 4 different dates (with different exchange rates). The statistics will of course be updated at once with the document currency and the company reference currency.


Being multilingual and multicurrency, W3 ERP fits particularly well the needs of companies working in an international context.

W3 ERP uses in all its modules color code visual alarms. This allows synthetic information on documents status and to immediately detect potential mistakes, problems or delays.

W3 ERP gives an open way to exchange information. It can import and export data with various spreadsheets (Excel, OpenOffice ...).

Widesoft W3 ERP X3 ERP W3 Internet Partners Contact