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W3 Internet - Content Management

W3CMS is the autonomous content management system (CMS) developed by W3 Internet

W3CMS allows our customers to manage and update independently their web site's content long after it has been achieved by our team.

W3 Internet - Valid XHTML 1.0 W3 Internet - Valid CSS 2.1

Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) HTML editor to manage your pages content (text, links, pictures and tables).
Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse Graphical editor to manage the site elements tree view (menus, sub-menus and links) and the operations on these ones (create, rename, move, publish and archive).
Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse Page by page web indexing management.
Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse Multilingual sites management.
Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse Library management (templates, documents and pictures).
Widesoft - Delémont - Jura - Suisse Consistent with the W3C recommendations and validated XHTML 1.0 and CSS level 2.1.

W3 Internet - Content management system (CMS)

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